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Dr. Aviva


Dr. Aviva Goldstein is a lecturer, educator and family counselor based in Jerusalem. She occupies the space where the worlds of positive psychology, parenting and Judaism come together. Having worked with diverse populations – from day school administrators to gap year students, from non-profit organizations to teachers in Israel’s periphery – her projects range from curriculum and app development to individual and large-scale interventions.  The common thread throughout her work is the desire to bring research findings and insights about children to the people who raise them. 





I lead workshops, seminars and private consultations for diverse audiences in North America and Israel. 

In the last decade, positive psychology has emerged as a rigorously examined academic discipline. Whereas traditional psychology focuses on disorder and dysfunction, positive psychology seeks to understand life satisfaction, meaning and overall wellbeing. Positive psychology research proves empirically what Judaism has taught for thousands of years – that factors like gratitude, family cohesion and optimism are among the most significant drivers of happiness, resilience and wellbeing.

I collaborate on diverse projects with schools, community institutions, companies and organizations. My work relies on extensive experience in both formal and informal education, leadership development, and individual and communal empowerment. 

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