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Lectures & Workshops

I lead workshops, seminars and private consultations for diverse audiences in North America and Israel. A sampling of topics includes: 


Disconnect to Connect: Navigating the Complexities of a Plugged-In Family

Teaching Children Digital Citizenship & Responsibility

Character Strengths: Nurturing What’s Already There

Love and Limits: A Parent's Guide to Raising Successful Children

Cultivating Resilience: Nurturing Grit and Perseverance 

Death, Divorce and Difficult Conversations

Family Cohesion: Implications for Siblings, Parents and Spouses

The "Me" in Mommy: Balancing Identity with Parenthood

Navigating Transitions: Different Challenges for Different Ages

Home: A Place of Peace or Chaos?

Sibling Rivalry: Fostering Healthy Relationships

Style v. Substance: Navigating Differing Approaches to Parenting

ADHD: Finding the Calm Within the Storm


Judaism and Positive Psychology: Torah and Research in Harmony

Mindfulness: Tfillah and Cultivating Connection

Gratitude: The Science and Torah of Happiness

Adolescent Religious Development: Thoughts and Behavior, Spirituality and Ritual

Al Pi Darko: Nurturing Each Child's Character Strengths


Character Development: Who Is Responsible?

School Culture and Environment: What Would the Walls Say?

Cultivating Functional Home-School Partnerships

Can Happiness be Taught in School?

Assessments and Evaluations: Learning What the Students Know

Learn to Fail or Fail to Learn: Resilience as a Strength

Tattle or Resolve: Fostering Social Independence For All Ages

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